This is my last show,” Simon Porte Jacquemus announced solemnly but unfortunately it was a joke. Raphia (raphias, a word of Malagasy origin attested in 1652) is a genus of palm trees of the Arecaceae family that can be found in swampy environments and along rivers. This may be a confusion between Malagasy, and malvoisies.

Monocarpic plant or hapaxanthe (the stem dies after the fruiting like the nun’s broom, but the roots remain alive, emitting new shoots), perfect plant for fashion but already used by Franck Sorbier a long time ago, so nothing new under the sun.

It is besides a rain of raffia that we have prayed on the face during all the show, probably to hide the defaults of sewing, but that it is an habit. But for Jacquemus the right question is who sews behind. But let’s be very lenient, it’s not a bad collection, but Jacquemus does not take off at Le Bourget.

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