Riccardo Tisci sought the advice of Jared Buckhiester for the second edition of his Friends and Family series. Black leather biker jackets, tough boots, and utilitarian silhouettes are featured in the collection. It has been said by Buckhiester that Riccardo and I have a similar love of workwear aesthetics. I draw a lot of inspiration from the masculine archetype that inhabits these clothes in my work as an artist.

I was immediately drawn to this space, and it has been a productive place for me to create, » Buckhiester said.
100 % Backrooms’ tough leather pieces, such as a sleeveless dress with shiny silver buttons and a bathrobe trench with shearling edges, were offset by pops of bright color: orange for a workwear jacket and red for a Burberry check scarf. Very chic.

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