So years have passed and today it is all replaced by your phone…yes the iPhone is the ultimate creation of one of the most acclaimed and genius industrial designer of all time Steve Jobs.

From the Walkman to the iPhone our lives have been influenced by industrial design and changed your behaviour so that you can carry an entire library of thousands of albums. Yes your entire lounge room wall of CD’s in your phone, you leave home in the morning and you check your emails in the lift, before getting into a cab to an appointment that you have just been reminded on your phone.

The taxi driver ask you that he has a problem to find the street because it is not on his map; no problem you login to your Google Map on your phone and provide him a turn by turn direction to get to your appointment. You can do that since you carrying in your pocket the street by street details of the entire WORLD.

So great design definitely influences our lives and so much that you become dependent of it. This is when the genius from designers and creative happened.

When a designer creates an object that is part of your daily life then it has to be the ultimate achievement.

Sometime design is more about the journey that takes you through an image of what you would like to be or feel. Driving an incredibly well design car make you feel a certain way. Wearing this amazing pair of well branded sun glasses make you look and feel a certain way.

So Francois Mouclier believe that we must encourage our talented designers to be true to themselves and work outside the current trends to create the next trends so we keep shaping the world and influencing our lives, since it makes us feel so good.

If you are serious about being the next brand that the world cannot live without… then contact us to discuss.